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I am transitioning to Sareena’s Plants ‘n’ Petals, so you will be seeing a shift in content! I will be posting plant care and gardening tips going forward. Please use my West Coast Seeds affiliate link to order and gardening supplies or seeds: https://www.westcoastseeds.com/?rfsn=6546249.3b91ea

Sareena’s Food is a gluten-free food blog dedicated to providing recipes that are simple, full of flavor, and easy to make. I not only want to share these recipes with you, but my goal is to help you enjoy your food journey through them.  I love trying new foods with bold tastes, and my recipes do reflect both of these things.

I have always lived in smaller communities in Western Canada, and I have recently found my passion for creating gluten-free and plant based recipes. There are very few gluten-free places to eat where I live, so designing the recipes that are tasty for everyone is something I greatly enjoy.

Feel free to follow me, Sareena’s Plants ‘n’ Petals, on Instagram(@sareenasplantsnpetals) and Twitter(@sareenasplants)! I hope that you will continue to enjoy my blog and keep following me on social media!

~ Sareena


Services that I provide are: Recipe development, product reviews, and food photography. Please email me, or use the contact form for details and/or rates.

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