All American Butter

Mint Chocolate Energy Balls (Gluten Free)

 Mint + Chocolate = Love! It is one of my most favorite dessert flavor combinations! What is yours? I haven’t made energy balls in awhile, so I decided to use this delectable pairing in them! I love making energy balls because, number one, they taste good. Number two, they are […]

Peanut Butter Pretzel Fudge (Gluten Free)

 Fudge is one of those things that is so luxuriant, but so very simple to make. The key to a silky homemade fudge is good ingredients! I am in love with the nut butters from All American Butter! They are a wonderful company to work with! To start off, you […]

Crunchy Cinnamon Cups

 I have had the wonderful opportunity to try All American Butter butters! They are amazing! If you love nut butters, I highly recommend you check out their website! When I tasted them, I knew I wanted to make a dessert with it! For the base, I used Cinnamon Chex cereal. […]