Crispy & Spicy Chickpeas

 Roasted Chickpeas are so addicting to eat and are one of the best sources of fiber available. They are a great addition to any meal.   You have to make sure the chickpeas are rinsed and dried well. If you don’t they can go mushy from excess moisture. Pour the […]

Spicy Portobello Buddha Bowl

 With the week flying by, I wanted something filling but full of flavor tonight. This dish is all of that and more! If you want it less spicy, or not spicy at all, use less or completely omit the jalapenos and chili. The sauce is so simple and full of […]

Mushroom Zucchini Tacos

 The combination of mushrooms, zucchini and cashews give these tacos a great texture and are filling. I made mine in lettuce leaves, but they would be lovely in a tortilla as well. These tacos use such simple ingredients that I think they would be great for either a lunch or […]

Satay Zucchini Bowl

 This dish has so much flavor and is very satisfying. It is simple and doesn’t take long to make. These are the satay sauce ingredients. I found chili threads in a cute shop while on vacation. I find they add a delicate chili taste to dishes. Now the vegetables for […]

Cashew Buddha Bowl with a Mango Sauce

 With Summer almost here, I love the simplicity of making Buddha Bowls. I use bean thread noodles for the base of mine. They’re neutral in taste, so they take on the flavor of anything you put on them. The dressing is very flavorful and has a kick to it. If […]

Kale & Chickpea Burger

 These vegan burgers are full of flavor and are very satisfying. They’re so simple to make and great on any night of the week. Use the heels of gluten free bread the breadcrumbs. They tend to be drier, so freezing them until you have enough for it is great and […]

Veggie Fajitas with Peach Habanero Salsa

 Fajitas are a quick and easy dinner to make and are bursting with flavor! Adding a homemade salsa to it brightens up the flavor profile dramatically! Yes, yes, I know they aren’t wrapped like a fajita, but I like mine like this! Let’s start with the salsa ingredients. Wear gloves […]

Avocado Rose Tutorial

 Avocado Roses are beautiful and they look so intricate. They beautify any dish you’re making. Besides, who doesn’t love an edible garnish? I know I do! Cut your avocado in half lengthwise, remove seed and peel. Slice the avocado in thin strips. Start fanning out the avocado until it forms […]

Roasted Spaghetti Squash

 My family is having a pasta salad tonight (yum!) but since I really shouldn’t eat it as I am gluten intolerant, I chose to make this. I love how versatile spaghetti squash is. It stands up on its own and goes well with so many things. Get a sharp knife […]

Spicy Lemongrass Pho with Spring Rolls

 This is a Vegan option of Pho and is quite delicious! I made the broth the day before, so the Pho was extremely easy to make. The link for the broth is here. Spring Rolls are so versatile, so feel free to be creative! I started with making the spring […]