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Cucumber Rolls

 Fresh veggies are great any time of the year, but I find them even more satisfying in the winter. They are like drops of sunshine in the midst of clouds, snow and cold. You can use whatever veggies you want, but I prefer bell peppers and pea shoots. If you […]

Juice Pulp Hummus

 I know what you’re thinking, “Why would someone mix these two together?” At first it DOES sound weird, but it works and is a great way to not waste all that food! I used the pulp from my Green Juice recipe. After, drain the chickpeas and keep the aquafaba, (chickpea […]

My Green Juice

  Honestly, I love having a green juice in the morning. There is something so invigorating and refreshing about it. It’s such a good way to get your fruit and vegetables in for the day as well! Choose which green veggies you enjoy. These are the ones I find work […]