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Crispy Jerk Tofu with Coconut Rice

 UPDATE: I forgot to mention that this IS a spicy dish, if you don’t prefer spice, I highly recommend that you try one of my other recipes! It was a lovely hot day and I was craving Jamaican food so I thought I would try my hand at making this […]

Tofu Noodle Bowl with Pepper Sauce

 I was feeling adventurous today so I tried tofu. I have only cooked with tofu once before and that was years ago. I knew nothing about how to cook it then. This dish is so full of flavor and is amazing!  I’m happy to say that this meal is easy to […]

Vegan Sweet & Sour Sauce

 It’s very warm out tonight and I wanted to make an easy dinner. I had a pineapple that needed to be used so I made this. You could add tofu or toasted cashews in it if wanted, but I enjoyed it without! Hollow out each half of the pineapple and […]