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Spinach & Blue Cheese Zoodles (Vegan)

 Vegan cheeses are my saving grace, and I am absolutely in love with them! They are so versatile and go with everything. Blue cheese and spinach is a perfect combination, and when you serve it with zoodles, it’s so good!   This is a simple recipe with very few ingredients. […]

Spinach Dip (Vegan)

 I love spinach dip, do you? Have you tried homemade, or just store bought? Homemade tastes 1000 times better than store bought, so I recommend that you try making it! It’s a creamy, tangy and delicious appetizer that will make you wanting more! I FINALLY got the opportunity to try […]

Creamy Avocado Pesto

 There’s nothing like the taste of Pesto in my opinion! The herbal earthiness of it is tantalizing. I made this one with only a touch of added oil. The avocado makes it very creamy. Put everything into the blender and start pulsing it as you slowly add the water. The […]