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Watermelon Brie Bites (Vegan)

 I am so glad that watermelon season is here again! I have missed them so much and they are good at anytime. If you haven’t tried watermelon as an appetizer, you need to right away! The sweetness of the watermelon with the tang of the cheese make it a perfect […]

Watermelon Sandwich with Mint Pesto

 I was craving something refreshing to eat for dinner, but wanted something that didn’t require much work at all. I love the play of sweet and savory, so I figured I would use watermelon as the main part of my meal. Since mint and watermelon go so well together, I […]

Watermelon Salad

 With hot summer days here, light and refreshing lunches are a must. This is a twist on a regular watermelon salad and it’s delightful. I used a peach white balsamic vinegar and it added so much to it. A light and refreshing dish

Watermelon Cherry Smoothie Bowl

 This smoothie bowl is very simple and such a beautiful color! I associate smoothies with warmer weather and this one definitely cools you down! Put all the ingredients in the blender and that’s pretty much it. A refreshing summer smoothie